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Product: Pates Assorted

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PAT001 Chicken Liver

Texture: Very fine and creamy

Colour: Light brown

Taste: Delicately spiced with roast onion and port

PAT002 Chicken 
Texture: Very fine and creamy
Colour: Light cream
Taste: Tangy herb flavour

PAT003 Duck Liver
Texture: Very fine and very creamy
Colour: Caramel
Taste: Full bodied with a mild almond and mushroom flavour

PAT004 Crocodile
Texture: Very fine with smooth texture
Colour: Very light with a hint of yellow
Taste: Cream cajun flavour with parsley flakes

PAT005 Impala
Texture: Smooth with chopped mushrooms
Colour: Medium pink/red
Taste: Fresh mushroom and hint of spring onion

PAT006 Kudu
Texture: Rustic with assorted Moroccan crushed pepper
Colour: Medium pink/red
Taste: Full bodied pepper with a delicate bite

PAT007 Octrich Liver
Texture: Medium fine and very creamy
Colour: Naturally liver colour to dark
Taste: Strong flaovour with marjoram finish

PAT008 Springbok
Texture: Smooth with chopped pepperdews
Colour: Medium pink
Taste: Authentic sweet and a spicy pepperdew

PAT009 Wildebeest
Texture: Rustic chucks of black olives
Colour: Red wine
Taste: Distinct smokey olive

PAT010 Zebra
Texture: Course with medium creamy texture
Colour: Light red
Taste: Smooth smokey flavour with a hint of rosemary

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Pates Assorted 
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