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The MB-Active Trap is sophisticated technology. It collects urine and channels it into the waste pipe without flushing, while at the same time sealing in any odours. Fluids are channelled via a vertical membrane straight into the swage system.  Above the membrane is a microbiological cleaning block which prevents build-up and deposits both inside the odour seal unit and in the waste pipe.As soon as fluids stop flowing through the membrane, it automatically forms an air tight seal.

MB-Active Cleaner, pH neutral, biological and sustainable. MB active cleaner eliminates the bad odours caused when organic matter decomposes.  It is particularly well suited for maintenance cleaning and odour elimination in heavily used washrooms and sanitary facilites.  Our clenaer contains micro-organisms that penetrate the joints and destroy any odours caused by organic residues deposited there, leaving a pleasant and lasting freshness.  

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Urimat Urinals 
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