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Product: Chemical SABS Range

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Comes in 5L and 25L sizes.

ALKA-DET Caustic flakes with additives. Use in pasteurisers, evaporators and CIP applicaitons.

CHLOR-DET Foaming chlorinated alkali containing no NaOH, for hand wash of working surfaces in the food industry especially where proteins and fat needs to be removed.

CHLOR-SOL Non foaming chlorinated alkali containing NaOH for use in CIP systems for breaking down proteins.

CIP COMPOUND Highly effective non chlorine compound for use in CIP systems instead of chlorinated products.

DRAIN CLEANER A unique effervescence and gas evolution causes scrubbing action the accelerates the digestion and emulsification of matter causing drain blockages.

DUMA HANDSOAP Antibacterial hand soap for washing hands. Can be used regulary without drying hands out.

HAND SANITISER For sanitising hands after washing. Contains moisturiser so hands do not dry out. Has extended effective time. Ideal for areas where hands come into contact with food.

HYPOSAN Is a powerful oxidising sanitiser.

LIPO-RID Is a detergent specially formulated for the removal of fatty soils generally found in food processing plants.

LYESOL 33 At 33% NaOH solution with additives to enchance penetration and removal of dirt, keeping it in suspension and assist with rinsing thus saving water and time. Ideal for CIP systems in dairies, breweries and food manufacturing plants.

MULTI-ACID A blend of acids to be used for the removal of mineral deposits on stainless steel storage tanks, pipeline and pasteurisers.

MULTICIDE Gluteraldehyde formulation for sanitising of chicken houses and other areas where it is needed to prevent against viruses and mirco-organsims.

MULTISEPT QAC gluteraldehyde blend for use in the chicken industry.

PEROXIDE SANITISER An acid hydrogen peroxide sanitiser for use in CIP systems.

PEROXY FOAM An acid hydrogen peroxide sanitiser for use through foaming application on all sorts of surfaces.  Highly effective against air, water and soil born organisms.

PRESS-DET A caustic powder blend for use in juice presses.

QAC SANITISER A twin quat product with excellent sanitising properties on food surfaces.

SUPERKLEEN A detergent sanitiser for use in poulty houses.

TECHNOSAN NF Blend of gluteraldehyde, QAC, alcohol and additives for foaming and fogging in the poultry industry.

UPLIFT A neutral general purpose detergent with excellent fat removing properties.

ZAPPIT High foaming heavy duty alkaline caustic detergent for cleaning the most tenacious deposits caused by baking on fats and protein deposits.

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Chemical SABS Range 
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