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AIRFRESHENER Ready to use Lavender, Sweet Cherry, Peach/Apple

AUTODISH Auto dishwasher powder or liquid

AUTORINSE Auto dishwasher rince aid

AUTOSCRUB Non foaming detergent for auto scrubbers

BLACK DIP (Jeyes fluid) Black drain cleaner

BLEACH 3.5% Everyday general bleach

BLEACH 6.5% Double strength general bleach

CARPET SHAMPOO General carpet shampoo

DEGREASER General light duty degreaser

DISHWASH LIQUID Comes in Econo, Standard and Super strengths

DEO BLOCKS Deoderiser blocks

DRAIN CLEANER Biological drain enzyme waste degrader

FLOOR EMULSION Non-slip polish

FLOOR BUFF Floor maintenance mop and buff

FLOOR STRIPPER Comes in non-ammoniated and ammoniated liquids

FURNITURE POLISH Ready to use furniture polish

HANDY ANDY Ammonia based multi purpose cleaner

HAND WATERLESS Hand cleaner with grit

HAND ANTI BAC Non perfumed liquid anti bacterial hand soap

HAND SOAP GENERAL Pearly Pink or White hand soap

LAUNDRY HF General high foam washing powder

LAUNDRY LF Indutrial low foam washing powder with enzymes and boosters

LAUNDRY SOFT Concentrated fabric softener

LAUNDRY SPOT Spot and stain remover

OVEN CLEANER Heavy duty oven cleaner

PINEGEL Pinegel general cleaner

PMATS Urinal deoderiser and sanitiser mat

SANIPINE Perfumed detergent and disinfectant

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER Stainless steel cleaner polish

THICK BLEACH General domestos type cleaner

TBC Toilet bowel cleaner

URINAL TABLETS Urinal deoderiser

WINDOW No streak window cleaner

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Chemicals General Cleaning Range 
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